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Announcing one of the most exciting new works of the Gospels in recent years...

One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies
                                                                             the Exciting New Writing Showing .  .  .  .

                               a  CHRONOLOGICAL
                                                            of   Jesus Christ

All verses  HARMONIZED  for each event in His Life

                                                           Every Verse  MERGED  using
                                                           Every Unique Word from the King James Version

                       into easy-to-read and understandable 21st Century wording

                                                           Old Testament PROPHECY inserted which
                                                                         Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled

After four years of research and development, One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies presents a historically true Chronological Time-Line of Jesus Christ, with all Biblical verses Harmonized into each event.  All verses are then truly merged into a meaningful blending of the Four Gospels as One Gospel, allowing the reader to see and clearly understand every detail of the events in the life of Jesus.  This completed work transformed into a book that was complete in an ongoing story, except it was still in King James Version wording.

For the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies, two final steps were included.  To make the King James Version easy to read and understand, the author paraphrased the old hard to understand wording into modern 21st century wording which connected the stories and help identify the person speaking in the events.

The Old Testament Messianic Prophecies and the fulfillment of those prophecies by the events in the Life of Jesus are revealed in a unique manner.  With over 350 of those fulfilled prophecies to choose from, the author has included 100 of the most startling, provable prophecies which show beyond mathematical probability that Jesus is the true Messiah.  It took years for the old Jewish Priests to learn the prophecies of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms, but the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies will reveal the most important prophecies in one reading.

Order your printed copy now or the electronic version where you can look up verses, key words and use as a study guide. Purchase directly from the author for a personalized edition at a reduced price.