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The Idea

People are fascinated

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          Only GOD gives                                                TRUE PROPHECY
TRUE Prophecy to PEOPLE                                                      is TRUTH

is of GOD

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As I sat listening to the people around me arguing about what is truth and who in history is able to determine truth and predict future events, I knew that most of them were fascinated by the subject of prophecy and its fulfillment. However, I considered most of their conclusions to be based on assumptions of similarity rather than details of unmistakable accuracy.

The people were quoting and discussing prophecies of soothsayers who were considered credible by society and then trying to find events in history that could possibly fulfill those prophecies. They did not understand that a true prophecy should be fulfilled in every detail, with no misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the prophecy. They were missing the aspect of truth that does not come from man, but from God, who alone knows the future for mankind and the earth.

What these people needed was to know real prophecies that had come true hundreds and in some cases thousands of years after the prophecies had been given. Not only had those true prophecies been given in very clear and exact detail, but the fulfillment for each true prophecy was evident, precise, and historically proven. I spoke up and mentioned a few well-known prophecies from the Bible about a coming Messiah and how Jesus Christ fulfilled them. The people were amazed, as if they had never heard of the prophecies, and I, too, was amazed that they had not heard of them. This incident is the reason One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies was written.

To write an easy-to-read story about Jesus from the four Gospels of the New Testament and to show how he fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament became my goal. It soon became apparent that, instead of using only one of the Gospels to tell the story, I needed all four Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John--because they were all so different and no single Gospel had all the fulfilled prophecies. Using the King James Version of the Bible, I assigned different colors for each Gospel, which helped me keep track of every word and lessened the complexity of the process of merging the four Gospels. I then merged the Gospels in chronological order, paraphrased the text where needed, and inserted Old Testament prophecies at the point in Jesus’ life where he fulfilled them.

If the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies helps make the story of Jesus and his message easier to understand and follow, and if it helps the reader establish a deeper, lasting commitment to Jesus Christ by revealing the proof of his Messiahship through true prophecy, then this book has achieved its purpose.