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The Author

Has completed his God-given
Driving Compulsion in MERGING THE GOSPELS

                                 A TRAUMATIC event caused a

                          NEW PURPOSE IN HIS LIFE

         Grew up as a 
                     BIBLICAL PROPHECY

Graduated with BA   from  LEE UNIVERSITY
                 and M.Ed from the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA

Biblical Prophecy was always fascinating to the author. He felt somewhat special in that he had been born the same year the nation of Israel was given life by the charter from the United Nations. That was a fulfillment of the Prophet Jeremiah's prophecy of the 'dry bones coming back to life' and was also a fulfillment of Jesus' prophesy which stated, 'the generation that saw the fig tree [Israel] sprout forth its leaves would not pass away until all things had been accomplished.'

Larry was raised in a home where church life and spiritual life were emphasized and important. He was taught that man is on the earth to praise and edify God. So the order of importance for him was God, family and school. Even at an early age, he prayed for a Christian wife because he was aware that prayer changes things. It was at Lee College that Larry met Brenda Ridgeway. Even before they began dating, he knew she was to be his wife. Also while there, he was the Associate Editor of the yearbook in his sophomore year, Editor of the College newspaper in his junior year, and a member of the college's first golf team.

After graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration with a double minor in Religious Studies and Elementary Education, Larry moved to South Carolina, married Brenda, and worked as a math teacher while earning a M.Ed. Degree from the University of South Carolina. He was hired as a school principal, becoming the youngest person to hold that position in South Carolina at that time. Thirteen years later, he changed careers to designing and building houses until his retirement. Larry and Brenda have three grown children with six grandchildren and have been married for forty-two years.

In showing his continued interest in the subject of end-time prophecies and Israel, Larry has attended lectures and conferences, read and collected so many books that he now has over 1,300 in his personal library. Larry and Brenda have also traveled to Israel and Egypt following the footprints of Jesus whom he has studied all his life.

Like all of us who serve the Lord, circumstances were allowed into Larry's life to get his attention and make him more like Christ. In the midst of his unfaithfulness God allowed a traumatic experience, which caused him to fully commit himself to Jesus as his Lord. He exclaimed, “I have lived through six near-death accidents in which eternity was only a millisecond away and yet what have I done to redeem those 'life ending' events . . . I thought of all the wasted years, wasted money, and wasted efforts on foolish goals, work and projects.” Larry realized the depth of God's love and faithfulness toward him, for "whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth" (Hebrews 12:6). It was then that God put into Larry's heart a driving compulsion to merge the Gospels and insert the Old Testament prophecies where they were fulfilled. Larry is thankful for God's grace and he believes that, if a person can accomplish the call on his life which promotes the Kingdom and helps others find Christ, it makes his life worthwhile. Authoring the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies is the result of that call.