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The Research

I want to hear from you. . .

Write the idea  July, 2009

             Rewrite the book October, 2009
Research      Revise  the Rewrite  Jan, 2010

            Study and Research
            Rewrite the Rewrite
            Make it Final  March, 2010

                                  Completely New Design and
                    Revise the Draft Final   July, 2010
                           Rewrite the Final Draft Final  October, 2010
Print  Nov, 2010
Easter, 2011, Target Date
Do more Study!  Correct Errors!

Start Over - Use King James Version   January, 2011
             Rewrite the New Start Over DRAFT Final   Sept, 2011

START OVER AGAIN!!!  Chronological Research
Harmonize, Merge and 
Paraphrase   Jan, 2012
            Harmonize Proof  Feb, 2012

                           Merge Proof    March, 2012

                                     New Discovery,  Insert
                                     Revise Draft    May, 2012 

                                             PROOF the 3rd Final Draft-Final
                                             Revise Draft  Final  June, 2012
                                                                               Send to Publishers July, 2012

Revise again, Proof and ACCEPT, January, 2013
Accept book Reviews
Accept Cover
Accept Interior

Publish      March, 2013

Enter International Christian Retail Sales Show, 
St. Louis, MO for June 22-26

An ever on-going process to make the Final Final result True, Reliable and Scriptural.

One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies published by Trafford Publisheers
One Gospel Harmonized and One Gospel Merged.  Written and published proofs, for research and study,  (see bottom of page and BOOKS Page)

After four years of research and development, One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies presents a historically true Chronological Time-Line of Jesus Christ, with all related Biblical verses Harmonized into each event. Each verse is then truly merged so that duplicate words from the different Gospels are deleted while unique descriptive words and phrases are included and inserted into a meaningful blending of the Four Gospels in one story which enables the reader to see and clearly understand every detail of the events in the life of Jesus. This completed work transformed into a book that was complete in one ongoing story, except it was still in King James Version wording.

For the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies, two final steps were included. To make the King James Version easy to read and understand, the author paraphrased the old, hard-to-understand wording into modern 21st century wording. This connected the stories and helped identify the person speaking in the events without adding to or deviating from the Scriptures.

The Old Testament Messianic prophecies and the fulfillment of those prophecies by the events in the Life of Jesus are revealed in a unique manner. Even though Jesus fulfilled over 350 of these prophecies, the author has included 100 of the most startling, provable prophecies which show beyond mathematical probability that Jesus is the only person capable of being the true Messiah. 

It took many years for the old Jewish Priests to learn the prophecies of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms, but the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies will reveal the most important prophecies in one reading and clearly presents Jesus as the Messiah through the Old Testament prophecies and the New Testament fulfillment. 

If you or someone you know needs to find the answer to 'whom do the prophecies point?' read this revealing merged edition of the Gospels.

Order your copy or one for a friend or family member who needs the right answers.

To reveal the research and development of the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies, the author presents:

One Gospel Harmonized by author, is a detailed Research and Study Book, in three volumes, compiling all and every verse found on each event in the Life of Jesus. Each verse located side by side in four columns with all Scriptural reference from the King James Version.

One Gospel Merged by author, reveals two complete books,(King James Merged and the One Gospel with Fulfilled Prophecies),  verse by verse, written side by side in two columns with all King James words in color to show from which Gospel they came. Three volumes.